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Practice Areas

We practice in multiple areas of dispute resolution:

  • We serve as lead counsel in complex business litigation in the U.S. on behalf of U.S., Israeli, and international clients.
  • We handle international arbitration and international aspects of Israeli litigation, often in collaboration with Israel’s best-known firms.
  • We represent corporations and individuals in regulatory and white-collar criminal matters involving U.S. authorities and international extradition matters.

Whether for international or U.S. clients, before U.S. courts or international arbitral bodies, in civil or criminal cases, we have been retained to grapple with some of our clients’ most complex and critical matters, with as much as hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. Time and again, we have met the challenge and delivered impressive results.

U.S. Litigation

U.S. litigation has become increasingly challenging and expensive. All litigants benefit from first-rate counsel who charge competitive rates and approach litigation with clients’ business goals in mind, not as an end in itself. We litigate complex matters aggressively but also creatively, constantly seeking the approach that advances our clients’ goals most effectively and efficiently. For Israeli clients, we offer the added advantages of being headquartered locally and of speaking Hebrew.

We have experience litigating a wide range of disputes, for a variety of clients, in numerous courts.

  • We litigate cases involving contracts, business torts, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, patent ownership, securities, corporate governance, antitrust, and other subject matters.
  • Our clients include plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and companies, in the internet, software, semiconductor, telecommunications, renewable energy, biotech, finance, banking, insurance, and other sectors.
  • Since 2010 alone, we have appeared in federal courts that include the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. District Courts for the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York, the District of Massachusetts, and the District of Delaware. In that time span, we also have appeared in state courts that include New York Supreme Court, New York Appellate Division, Delaware Court of Chancery, Delaware Superior Court, and California Supreme Court.
  • We have succeeded in the full array of procedural phases, including motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, trial, and appeal.

International Arbitration and Other International Matters

The globalization of business relationships means that disputes increasingly involve international features that require special treatment. We have valuable international experience.

International Arbitration

More and more, companies choose to resolve international disputes via arbitration. As with U.S. litigation, we offer Israeli, U.S., and international clients high-quality and cost-effective representation in international arbitration. We have acted as counsel in arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) and the American Arbitration Association’s International Centre for Dispute Resolution (“ICDR”). Eli serves on the ICC’s Israel national arbitration committee.

International Litigation

Certain aspects of international litigation require cross-border experience and perspective. We provide international litigation services that include coordinating multi-jurisdictional litigation; collecting evidence in Israel and abroad; presiding over international discovery under the Hague evidence convention; and enforcing foreign judgments.

Expert Opinions on U.S. Law

Questions of U.S. law may arise in foreign litigation. We have been retained on numerous occasions to provide expert opinions on U.S. law in connection with Israeli legal proceedings, including by private parties in commercial matters and by the State of Israel in groundbreaking constitutional litigation before the Israeli Supreme Court.

White-Collar-Criminal and Regulatory Matters

The U.S. regulatory environment has become more demanding, and economic globalization has extended the reach of the long arm of U.S. enforcement. Companies and individuals in the U.S. and worldwide often need guidance in developing best practices and in responding to criminal or regulatory inquiries from U.S. authorities, if they should arise.


Today’s intensified enforcement climate heightens the need for proactive adoption of effective compliance programs. We have experience advising clients prospectively on insider-trading policies, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), and on other compliance.


Organizations that receive a whistleblower complaint or a regulatory inquiry must respond promptly and wisely. We have conducted internal investigations in matters involving possible violations of U.S. securities laws, the FCPA, and other laws. We also have represented corporations and individuals, U.S. and foreign, in investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and in resulting litigation.


We draw upon experience at the Israeli Ministry of Justice in the field of extraditions to advise those facing the prospect of international criminal prosecution. We also collaborate with lawyers in Israel, the U.S., and other jurisdictions to coordinate responses to actual or prospective extradition requests. We have advised multiple individuals from the FBI’s “most-wanted” list, as well as others in high-profile matters, concerning aspects of international extradition law.